Where is the Love Island villa? 2024 filming location revealed

Bold colours mark out separate spaces like the fire pit and outdoor loungers, with Spencer explaining “We’re back at the same villa but it’s had a massive glow up. We have tried to create these new zones, so that everyone has a place, and everything has a place. There’s a Miami area here, which is really cool and quirky.”

Where is the Love Island villa 2024 filming location revealed

Melvyn Connell / ITV

Can you stay in the Love Island villa?

Fantasising about your own Love Island summer? We get it.

The good news is that you can actually book to stay in the Love Island villa, though it’ll cost you £5,000 per week.

The villa outside of Love Island season is also near unrecognisable given that it gets a makeover each year to transform it into the iconic villa we see on TV.

We genuinely don’t think we would have recognised it from its Fincallorca listing, with it having a much more pared back, rustic aesthetic that makes the most of its stunning natural surroundings.

Where is the Love Island villa 2024 filming location revealed

Melvyn Connell / ITV

Likewise, there’s no fire pit to pull someone for a chat by or a terrace (this is constructed by the ITV team each season), while even the villa’s actual wooden steps are built over with a more understated white set.

But can you book it?

Unfortunately, the villa doesn’t currently seem to be available to book, no doubt due to a busy period of Love Island filming, but you can find the listing in all its glory at Fincallorca.

Where have previous Love Island seasons been filmed?

Superfans will have spotted that the current Sa Vinyassa villa isn’t the original Love Island villa, with it first appearing on screens in 2022, while Diseminado Poligono 5 villa housed the show’s contestants from 2017 – 2021.

Back in 2015 and 2016, a stunning stone house featuring a beach-style pool in Satanyi was used, with the property being listed for sale at an eye-watering £3.1 million in 2021.

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