Adele’s Favorite Karaoke Song is By Lady Gaga – Find Out Which Song & the Part That Confuses Her! | Adele, Lady Gaga, Music | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Adele is ready to sing Lady Gaga next time she’s at a karaoke night.

The 35-year-old “Someone Like You” pop icon has released so many songs that undoubtedly get covered by fans who take the mic to perform in front of friends and strangers at local bars across the globe.

However, Adele revealed that one of Lady Gaga‘s songs is her first choice when she’s not belting out her own hits. That being said, there’s also one part of the track that she has a hard time singing along to.

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During a recent Weekends With Adele performance in Las Vegas, the hitmaker spent some time speaking with fans in the audience. She asked if the fans could guess “the best karaoke song.”

Adele‘s answer? “Bad Romance!” She proceeded to belt out a couple lines noting that it was a great option.

That being said, there’s one part that Adele likely isn’t singing along to – “When she starts speaking French, I’ve got no idea what she’s saying.”

Check out a clip of the moment on Twitter.

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