Scheana Shay Dishes on Ariana Madix’s New Man, Daniel Wai

What does Scheana Shay think of Ariana Madix’s new beau? Well, she’s completely “obsessed with him.”

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The Vanderpump Rules cast member gushed over Daniel Wai in the June 30 episode of her Scheananigans podcast, featuring her good friends Janet Elizabeth and Jamie Lynne. At one point during the conversation, the trio discussed Ariana’s 38th birthday celebration and her relationship with the NYC-based fitness trainer.

Ariana’s friends reveal their “favorite things” about Dan

“OK, let’s give Dan a little moment on Scheananigans — brag about him,” Scheana told her guests. “What’s your favorite things [about Dan].”

“So they came over to my house on Sunday and he made the most delicious meal that’s ever been cooked in my kitchen, by far,” Janet said. “But the food was so good that if it was at a restaurant in a foreign city, I would make it a point to go back to that city to eat there. He made paella from scratch… He went all out. He made paella, crab, and ribs.”

Janet said she was also impressed by Dan’s modest attitude and his attention to detail; but, above all, she was glad to see how happy he made Ariana.

“I’ve never known Ariana as anyone but in a relationship with her ex, so seeing this new side of her and everything, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Janet continued. “She just seems genuinely happy. He was just really kind, got along with everybody.”

Scheana on Ariana’s New Relationship: “It’s What She Deserves”

Scheana also praised Dan’s cooking skills, and said her husband, Brock Davies, had “some competition in the kitchen.”

“[Brock was] like, ‘I could make paella, you know,’” the former SURver recalled. “I’m like, ‘I’m sure you could.’”

Jamie confirmed she was introduced to Dan during a trip to New York, where she immediately noted a change in Ariana’s demeanor. 

“I noticed that Ariana was just at ease,” she explained, “in a different way than I have ever seen her — just like she can breathe.”

Scheana agreed. The Vanderpump Rules mom has been spotted with the couple on multiple occasions, including their fun-filled Coachella weekend back in April. The event took place less than two months after Ariana’s messy split from Vanderpump RulesTom Sandoval.

“I hung out with Dan so many times,” Scheana revealed. “He’s incredible, and it’s just so nice to see [Ariana], just like you said, at ease — just happy and light. It’s just what she deserves.”

Ariana’s pal squashes pregnancy rumor

Elsewhere in the episode, Janet took the time to address a pregnancy rumor that had been circulating on Reddit. She pointed to a social media video that showed Ariana embracing Dan as he cooked her birthday meal in Janet’s kitchen. Eagle-eyed fans noticed there were ultrasound pictures displayed on the refrigerator, which led some to believe that Ariana was expecting.

“Reddit zoomed in on my fridge where I have all my ultrasound photos and they were like, ‘Are they trying to leave an Easter egg?’” Janet said. “So I hate to break it to all my fellow Redditors, but those are my ultrasound photos, not Ariana’s.”

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