Blue Makeup Is Trending For Summer, So 5 GLAMOUR Staffers Tried It Out

I’m normally a classic girl when it comes to my eye makeup and I’m wedded to my black liquid eyeliner, but I actually love that the blue makeup trend is taking off. It still feels wearable and do-able, but it offers a fun-twist to everyday makeup. I tried Chanel’s Summer Collection blue eyeliner in Bleu Abysse, starting with my go-to black for definition, then sketched the blue over the top. It offered a really good amount of pigment and slid on easily – although a couple of layers gave me the colour pay off I wanted. Overall, it’s a cute look that I’ll be keeping in my summer beauty locker for days I want to add a pop of colour.

Rating: 8/10

Robyn, GLAMOUR’s Social Media Manager

Product: Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara in Blue Mist

Blue mascara should be in everyone’s makeup kit this summer. That’s not a beauty tip I thought I’d be giving but the blue Sky High mascara had converted me into a pop-of-colour devotee. Whether it’s for a weekend festival, a house party or just a sunny picnic, having blue lashes gives you that cool-girl feeling that’ll have you living your best life.

First and foremost, the formula of this mascara is great. It gave me super long lashes that were slightly clumpy which is a look I love. I did have to get my acrylics involved to fan out a few particularly thick sections but overall, I loved the look this mascara gave.

As for the colour, the payoff is good but you do need a fair few coats to get the colour to be really vivid. After a good lathering, it leaves you with a lovely pop of blue around the eyes that’s super wearable and not at all childish. I have seriously dark brown eyes that are borderline black and the blue hue brought out so much of the warmth in my eyes which I loved. The colour complimented my skin so well and it felt like a fun addition to my makeup.

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