Bun B & His Wife Queenie Get Emotional While Testifying About Her Being Held At Gunpoint By Masked Man During 2019 Home Invasion

Bun B, Queenie, Demonte Jackson

Bun B & His Wife Queenie Get Emotional While Testifying About Her Being Held At Gunpoint By Masked Man During 2019 Home Invasion

It’s been five years since an armed gunman broke into Bun B and his wife’s Houston home in April 2019. Now, Bun B has taken the stand to testify in the burglar’s sentencing.

Demonte Jackson pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery in December 2019, and is now preparing to be sentenced.

During the hearing yesterday (Thursday, June 6), Bun B (real name Bernard James Freeman) looked back at the life-altering incident and said it “still affects our life.”

He recalled that at the time of the robbery, his wife Queenie was already struggling with anxiety and had just wrapped a therapy session when the doorbell rang. She answered because she thought someone was delivering a package from Amazon. However, when she opened the odor, Demonte Jackson made his way into the home.

Bun B said he was upstairs when he heard Queenie scream,

“Just take the car! Just take the car!”

Demonte Jackson, who was wearing a mask, put a gun to her head. Becoming emotional, Bun B said during yesterday’s hearing,

“This was an entirely new traumatizing incident. This is something we still deal with to this day. There are times when she gets closed off. She can’t communicate, and I just get so angry all over again because she didn’t deserve this. She didn’t ask for this.”

He said that when Jackson was in their home, he quckly got his gun and heard Queenie yell,

“Don’t come downstairs. He’s going to kill me.”

Bun B said,

“I wanted to confront the person who put that fear in my wife’s voice. She was very panicked. She was borderline hysterical. She just did not want me to go out that door and face the person with the gun.”

Jackson then went into the couple’s garage and got behind the wheel of Queenie’s car. That’s when Bun B took the chance to shoot at him, firing off five or six bullets. One hit Jackson is the shoulder before he shot back and fell out of the car. He and Bun B then fought one another on the ground.

Bun B recalled yesterday,

“My wife came through the garage door. She started screaming when she saw that we were on the ground, tussling. He kind of broke away from me and took off running.”

Bun B chased him and when he caught Jackson, he forced him to take off his mask and lift up his shirt to expose any tattoos. Jackson was later found at a nearby hospital.

Bun B said at the hearing,

“I wanted to know who that was behind the mask. I wanted to know if this was someone I knew personally or someone that knew someone I knew personally. Just the idea of seeing my wife in this state, I wanted to know who had done this to her.”

Bun B, Demonte Jackson Mugshot

The next day, Bun B said Queenie, who also broke down on the stand as she detailed the emotional damage she has experienced, was “absolutely broken.” She had a breakdown in the kitchen, left the home, didn’t return. She was still traumatized during the coronavirus pandemic, especially when she saw any men who resembled the assailant. Bun B pointed out,

“This happened to her from a Black man with a mask on and dreadlocks. She didn’t want to feel that against all Black men. Only one Black man had done this to her, but it was the signs constantly triggering her, retraumatizing her over and over again.”

Jackson is just now being sentenced because he has mental health issues, his attorney, Letitia Quinones, said, adding,

“We wanted to make sure he was completely competent before the hearing took place.”

During her testimony, Queenie said Jackson deserves prison time,

“So you can see how it feels to get robbed of your freedom.”

She shared that she has not gone back into the home yet.

Continued prayers for Bun B and his family as they navigate this difficult time.


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