Carlos King Weighs in On Teresa Giudice-Joe Gorga Feud

Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga


Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 14 is officially underway, and cast member Teresa Giudice has friends in high places. Former RHONJ producer Carlos King opened up about the new season on the May 9 episode of his “Reality With the King” podcast.

Off the bat, King noted that Giudice was the only cast member flown out to Los Angeles to promote the show, and then began to weigh in on the drama between Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga. King noted that Gorga left a comment on a clip of Giudice discussing their relationship while on ‘The Talk’.

“Wow, she is a sick human being. Manipulation at the deflection of her disgusting behavior. Her parents from heaven are telling her she is on the right path to hurt their son. That’s some sick s***,” Gorga’s comment read, according to the Instagram account All True Tea. King then shared his reaction to the comment and the sibling’s fractured relationship.

Carlos King Opens Up About the Family Dynamics He’s Seen Firsthand

“I know a lot about Teresa and the family dynamic, more than a lot of people who are working with her now, have worked with her in the past. I know exactly what I’ve seen with my own eyeballs as it relates to the relationship that Teresa had with her parents,” King said on his podcast.

King served as a producer on the first two seasons of RHONJ, leaving before Joe and his wife Melissa Gorga joined as cast members in season 3.

“Teresa was very, very, very, very close to her parents, and that’s not something I want anyone to ever question. It saddens me that Joe as a man who is her brother can not even admit that when it comes to the relationship that Teresa had with her parents. Her parents and Teresa were very close. And that’s before the show became a hit. Before the table flipping, I was able to see the dynamics of their relationship.”

King then went on to talk about the Gorgas, saying that, “Joe Gorga was never around [his parents].” He also added, “When their mother passed away and their father was living with Teresa. His own father stated how his own son does not come around to check on him. […] Joe Gorga chose fame over his family.”

Carlos King Called Teresa Giudice the ‘Boss’ of RHONJ

King is fully Team Teresa, also talking about her role in the show during his May 7 season 14 premiere recap episode.

“The only reason why there is even a ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ is because of Teresa. You let me know one Housewife that went to jail for a year and the network paused the f***ing show until she got out that bitch. That’s not a has-been baby, that’s your boss,” King said in reaction to Househusband John Fuda calling her a “has-been” during an argument in the premiere episode. “Teresa is your boss, you’re her worker. You are Teresa’s employee.”

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