Caroline Stanbury’s Daughter Yamine’s College Plans Revealed

When we caught up with Caroline Stanbury on the first season of The Real Housewives of Dubai, she was in the process of planning her wedding to her now husband, Sergio Carrallo.

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Fast-forward to Season 2, which premiered in early June, fans learned that Caroline and Sergio are facing a new challenge, specifically with their living situation, as they await the completion of their new home. (You can tour their stunning home in the video above.)

More recently, Caroline gave an update on her and Sergio’s home and revealed some new insight into their romantic life in a candid Q&A session with The Daily Dish (via email).

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Caroline Stanbury Reveals That She Now Owns Land in Bali

The Daily Dish: It’s been a minute since fans last got the chance to catch up with you, what has been the biggest change/changes in your life since we last saw you?

Caroline Stanbury: I’m fully moved into the house. I absolutely love it. It’s changed our family’s dynamic. The kids are happier, Sergio’s happier, we are happier. We also bought the land in Bali. Finally, we started clearing and building our hotel out there, which will have 10 rooms. It’s very Instagramable and we can’t wait to share it with you all!  We also bought another apartment in Dubai, which will be rented out too. So, it’s very exciting to have all these properties, and Bust The Label’s finally launching! So, we are very excited to take you on our health and wellness journey with us.

The Daily Dish: Please share with us all the exciting updates on your family.

Caroline: Familywise, Yasmine got offers from five universities she’s applied to. She’s doing her A levels currently and then she’s going to go to London to university, but she’s extremely excited. So, I will be taking her in September and she’s moving out. My sons turned 14 and they are typical teenage boys. Everybody is very happy and loving the new home. It’s just given us a whole new lease of life because we finally have been able to decorate their rooms and be permanently somewhere.

What Does Caroline Stanbury’s Marriage to Sergio Look Like Today?

The Daily Dish: Please share with us the latest updates on your romantic life.

Caroline: Sergio and I are better than ever. We’re traveling a lot and we’re working on lots of projects to do together. We’re doing real estate master classes now and we are just working as an amazing team. I think the house has completely changed his life because he’s now the man of the house.

The Daily Dish: What’s been the biggest career move you’ve made since last season?

Caroline: The biggest career move since last season is really buying the land in Bali, starting the build, and doing more in real estate. We now host a masterclass in Dubai and Bust The Label is finally ready. Also, hopefully, you’ll visit us in Bali when it’s finished!

The Daily Dish: What’s the biggest splurge you made since Season 1?

Caroline: The biggest splurge since season one is a new apartment in Dubai. It’s in front of the Burj Khalifa and will be a real estate investment on Airbnb. We can’t wait to share that with you!

The Daily Dish: When you look back at Season 1, do you have a favorite episode or moment?

Caroline: My favorite moment on the show was my wedding! Obviously, getting married on the show was one of the biggest things, and it’s been so nice to be able to look back at it.

The Daily Dish: What advice would you give your Season 1 self?

Caroline: I’d advise not to get so involved or to take everything so personally. Also, not to trust as easily and really look deeply at who I’m aligning myself with and becoming friends with. Just understanding that not all is as it seems going into the new season.

Caroline Stanbury Sets the Record Straight

The Daily Dish: What’s the one thing you want to set the record straight about going into the new season?

Caroline: I’d set the record straight on why Ayan and I really weren’t able to become friends last season. We had to better understand each other and see how we got so confused as to who the other person was. I now know who she is and why she is the way she is, and I respect her a lot.

The Daily Dish: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever read about yourself online? And, was it true?

Caroline: Oh God, there are so many, honestly. I try not to read much online anymore. I don’t know since most of what’s online isn’t true, to be honest.

-with reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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