Dolores Catania Says ‘A Lot of Relationships’ End in RHONJ Season 14

Dolores Catania


Dolores Catania

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is set to begin its much anticipated 14th season on Sunday, May 5. A few days before the premiere, Bravo released a sneak peek of the season’s cold open on its YouTube channel. The scene opens with Dolores Catania sitting alone at Rails Steakhouse, a Towaco, New Jersey restaurant, in the aftermath of a fight, with glasses shattered over the floor.

While the fight wasn’t shown in its entirety, clips of the argument then played, showing many of the season 14 cast members screaming at one another, with one of the main arguments appearing to be between OG cast member Teresa Giudice and season 13 addition Rachel Fuda.

In a May 3 interview with Us Weekly, Catania opened up about the Rails Steakhouse fight and teased what was to come in the new season.

Dolores Catania

According to Catania, “What you’re going to see is the finale of a lot of relationships there,” in regards to the Rails Steakhouse fight. “It’s definitely closure for people, and you can’t come back from the stuff that you’re going to see at the finale. No coming back. I tried so hard to not get it to the point that it’s at, but because it got to this point, you have to say, ‘It’s so bad that it’s time to let things go.’”

When discussing her own part in the fight, Catania told the outlet, “I’ve had my issues this season. Oh, I have had my things on and off that you’ll see, and I’ve gotten through them, and I’ve moved forward. Not everybody’s going to be able to do that.”

While fans will have to tune into the season to see the tension bubble over in the explosive fight, Catania did tease one funny moment from the day that viewers will not get to see on their screens. “The funniest thing is Teresa wasn’t even mentally there,” she told Us Weekly. “She actually asked me, you won’t see this because she called me on the way home, and she goes, ‘What’d she say?’.”

While Catania is remaining tight-lipped about the specifics of the drama, her co-star Melissa Gorga has also teased the new season, saying it’s less about family than it has been in the past, which could play into the Rails Steakhouse fight. “I think people are so used to Jersey being about family. It’s a huge twist this year — plot twist!” Gorga told The Sun in April 2024.

Rails Steakhouse is a Classic RHONJ Backdrop

While it’s not uncommon for a Housewives cast to reach explosive levels while arguing in a public restaurant, Catania wasn’t worried about being kicked out of Rails. She said, “We’re the entertainment. They didn’t have to hire a band that day.”

Rails Steakhouse has been featured in quite a few memorable RHONJ moments, according to the network, including Joey Gorga’s first communion party, and the season 7 finale which ended with Catania and Siggy Flicker barefoot in the parking lot.

Bravo also shared an update on the restaurant in 2020, sharing that while the restaurant had to close some of its in-person operations down during the coronavirus pandemic, they were able to keep delivery operations up and even donated over 1,000 meals to local organizations to help feed medical workers and community members in need.

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