Jesse Sullivan Shares Own Names for His & Francesca Farago’s Twins – Jimmy Star’s World

“When I named Arlo, Arlo Bear, people actually thought I was crazy and they were like, ‘You’re gonna ruin their life. They’re gonna be bullied,’” Jesse said in his latest TikTok video. “Arlo has never been bullied for their name.”

Jesse said another name the couple considered is Adventure, adding, “and you can call them Addy. I think that’s really sick.”

Name No. 5: Piano. “I know what you guys are gonna say. But think about how that word sounds. Piano. It’s so rad,” Jesse said. “It’s such a cool word. We were talking about that it could almost sound Italian without being Italian.”

Next up: Novel, Scholar, Evening. Coven. Elixir. Labyrinth. Rhapsody. Shadow.”

“And last but not least, Orca,” Jesse continued. “Orca’s my favorite animal. Sounds really cool. Francesca doesn’t like the way it sounds, which I do get, it’s a very harsh sounding name. But it’d be pretty bada– to be named after an orca.”

Look back at Francesca and Jesse’s romance in pictures…

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