Heather Dubrow Discusses ‘Weird’ Feud With Taylor Armstrong on RHOC

We got some strange business going down on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17. In case you missed the most recent episodes, here’s the deal. Taylor Armstrong has a role in an upcoming movie.

In Episode 2, while on a boat, Taylor offered a role in the movie to Heather Dubrow. When Taylor asked Heather to act alongside her, Heather called her cute, and Taylor immediately took offense. Heather later explained that she didn’t think the offer was serious at all. Were it so, she would’ve expected some kind of official notice or agreement.

And to Heather’s credit, Taylor didn’t have the authority to guarantee her a role. This whole situation has devolved into a very bizarre feud, not just between Heather and Taylor, but between other Housewives too as they flaunt their IMDB credits. Considering the strange nature of the situation, Heather’s sought to shed some light on her side of the story.

Heather’s side of the Taylor movie drama

Hollywood Life got the chance to speak with Heather about the drama on their podcast, Pay Attention Puh-lease! Heather explained, “We’re on that boat. I was definitely over-served myself. I know I was the great interrupter, but I was just hammered. I was happy. And then [Taylor] called me in the car on my way home. And then you saw all of our text messages to each other. I was like, ‘You were serious?’ I mean, she knew I didn’t think she was serious.”

She went on to paint herself as a supportive friend. “So, I was like, ‘This isn’t about me. This is about you. You’re doing the movie. Let’s keep the focus on you. Let’s be here to help you.’ I left that coaching session with her and Lauren on a high. It almost made me go, ‘Wow, I forgot how much I love acting. I really miss this.’”

Heather also addressed the moment when Taylor imitated her and said her costar “left the f***ing script on the table.” As Heather said, “Why would I take a script to a thing I’m not involved in? If they had called me, they would send a script and it would be the most updated script. It was weird. There was never any real connection to this project. And by the way, after this past year there still has never been. No one ever reached out to me.”

Heather agreed with the podcast host when they both suggested the whole situation may have been more for RHOC storyline than anything else.

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