How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks Season

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Not all pets react to fireworks or other loud noises in the same way, and some don’t react at all. “If a dog or cat exhibits anxiety over new people in the home, to noises or bright light displays, or is an anxious or nervous pet in general, there is a strong possibility they will also be more susceptible to having anxiety during the Fourth of July fireworks displays,” Dr. Heidi Houchen of VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Oregon says.

Pets can also start exhibiting these issues at any time, so Houchen recommends that owners always watch for signs of distress (panting, pacing, hiding, barking, shaking and other signs of agitation) and discuss with their veterinarians ahead of time ways they can help their pets.

Other proactive steps might include making sure your pet has had plenty of exercise before the event, so he or she is a little more tired out and doesn’t have extra energy to express, and keeping things as routine as possible at home.

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