How to stop bedtime procrastination: 5 practical tips

Procrastination. It’s something that affects many of us within our day-to-day lives, bringing about a never-ending ‘I’ll do that later’ mindset in a handful of our responsibilities. However, did you know that we do the same thing before going to bed that affects us from sleeping better?

Allow us to introduce you to the phenomenon of bedtime procrastination, which is the act of delaying or postponing going to bed, even when you’re well aware that it’s time to sleep. For many, it’s because we feel like we don’t feel like we have enough time during the day, so we make it up right before bedtime.

This can often result in going to bed later than intended and getting insufficient rest – and the common denominator? You always regret it in the morning. Sound familiar? Because we are certainly guilty of this.

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Recent research from Dreams revealed that nearly half (42%) of Brits scroll on social media in the hour before sleeping, with people spending nearly 15 minutes on average looking at social media before bed each night.

This is a staggering 200% rise from 2016, when a previous study of theirs revealed that Brits spent only 5 minutes looking at social media per night. The increased use of social media platforms, namely TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, well past our bedtimes had led to an increasing number of people suffering from disrupted sleep patterns and severe cases of daytime fatigue.

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Sammy Margo, sleep expert at Dreams warns, ‘Falling down the TikTok ‘rabbit hole’ before bed messes with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, leaving you tossing and turning instead of enjoying restorative sleep. The short-form and highly engaging nature of TikTok videos stimulate cognitive arousal in our brains, making it harder to unwind and prepare for sleep.’

How to stop bedtime procrastination – 5 tried and tested methods for optimal sleep

So, what are some practical solutions to stop bedtime procrastination? We’ve asked the Ideal Home team and sleep experts for their top tips and tricks to help you overcome bedtime procrastination and kick the habit to the kerb once and for all.

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Sammy Margo
Sammy Margo

Sammy Margo has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for 32 years and specialises in sleep. She completed her Chartered Physiotherapy training and a Masters in Physiotherapy (MSc) at University College and Middlesex Hospital. Now as the founder of The Good Sleep Expert, she brings her expertise to The Dreams Sleep Matters Club.

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Dr Hana Patel

After completing her medical training at the University College London in 2005, Dr Hana Patel became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2010.

She now works as an NHS and private GP specialist in mental health and sleep, passionate about supporting patients struggling with sleep-related health issues.

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1. Set a bedtime alarm

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