Jonathan Knight Bombarded With Questions Following Reno

A bathroom renovation.


Fans have questions after Jonathan Knight’s bathroom renovation.

HGTV star Jonathan Knight was faced with a slew of questions following a bathroom renovation on his show, “Farmhouse Fixer.”

Knight and Kristina Crestin renovated a bathroom in a home in Essex, Massachusetts, on a recent episode of the show. However, some fans were concerned that the shower didn’t have any glass to keep the water from going all over the rest of the bathroom.

Knight received enough questions on Instagram that he decided to respond. Rest assured, glass was added after filming.

“Glass goes in after filming is done. Glass causes to much reflections in a small space,” Knight explained in an Instagram comment.

“Farmhouse Fixer” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

Fans of ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ Asked Jonathan Knight Why He Made the Decision to Not Install Glass on the Shower

Shortly before the episode aired, Knight promoted it on Instagram. After fans watched the episode, many took to the comments section of the post to react. Many people loved what Knight and Crestin did with the bathroom overall — a new vanity, new tile, and decorative birds — but others had a very specific question for the New Kids on the Block singer.

“Tonight we tackle our first project in our beautiful coastal town of Essex,” he captioned an Instagram post.

“Why were there no doors on the shower? You are going to get everything wet every time you take a shower,” one person wondered.

“I love what you did but do not understand the new shower in the bathroom. It is right next to the sink. Won’t everything get wet?” someone else asked Knight.

“Loved it! But glass for the shower?” a third Instagram user wrote.

Some Fans Have Worried That ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ Was Coming to an End

It’s no secret that “Farmhouse Fixer” is popular among its fans. This was evident when fans reacted to Knight posting a cryptic Instagram caption that suggested that the show was coming to an end.

“Last few days of filming the Farmhouse Fixer series before heading out on tour! Had an out of this world year with this guy @bamonthecage. Thank you Sean for all the hours spent recording our audio! You’re much appreciated,” he wrote.

Many fans seemed concerned that Knight’s show was coming to an end.

“For good or for the season?! Please don’t go Jonathannnnnnn,” one person wrote.

“Love this show. Hoping there’s a season 4,” someone else added.

“Is the show over? No season 4??” a third Instagram user asked.

Knight will be taking a bit of a break from renovations as he heads out on tour with New Kids on the Block over the summer. The tour kicks off on June 14, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. There are dozens of shows scheduled through the end of August when the guys head to Indiana.

So far, HGTV has not confirmed whether or not “Farmhouse Fixer” will be back for a fourth season.

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