Lesa Milan Shuts Down Rumors About Personal Life

On the inaugural season of The Real Housewives of Dubai, viewers fell in love with Lesa Milan’s quick-witted shade and stunning fashion sense. The mom of three not only showcased her glamorous lifestyle but also offered a glimpse inside her thriving maternity brand, Mina Roe.

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In Season 2 of the series, Lesa will navigate the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance as she strives to find a happy medium between managing her kids’ busy schedules and expanding her fashion brand.

What’s more, we recently caught up with Lesa during an exclusive Q&A session with The Daily Dish (via email), where she shared an exciting new business venture and discussed other updates in her personal life and career.

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Lesa Milan reveals news about her Mina Roe fashion brand

The Daily Dish: It’s been a minute since fans last got the chance to catch up with you, what has been the biggest change/changes in your life since we last saw you?

Lesa Milan: A lot has happened since you guys last saw me on screen; however, I would say the biggest change has been the expansion of my luxury maternity fashion brand, Mina Roe into luxury skin care for pregnancy and beyond.

The Daily Dish: Please share with us all the exciting updates on your family.

Lesa: I’m officially in my “mom-ager” era for our boys’ soccer career! They’re all super talented and passionate about playing soccer, so Rich and I are committed to supporting their dreams.

Lesa Milan opens up about celebrating a milestone in her marriage to husband, Rich

The Daily Dish: Please share with us the latest updates on your romantic life.

Lesa: Rich and I are doing great, we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! He’s still my biggest supporter (besides my mom) and still showing up to our weekly date nights!

The Daily Dish: What’s been the biggest career move you’ve made since last season?

Lesa: Besides, growing and building Mina Roe I’ve tapped back into television hosting – super excited to see what this might turn into!

The Daily Dish: What’s the biggest splurge you made since Season 1?

Lesa: It’s a recession! We’re not splurging, we’re saving and investing wisely — lol!

The Daily Dish: When you look back at Season 1, do you have a favorite episode or moment?

Lesa: My favorite moment in season one was definitely introducing the ladies to my Jamaican culture, seeing their dance moves (or lack thereof) lives rent-free in my head. We had such a fun time at my party!

The Daily Dish: What advice would you give your Season 1 self?

Lesa: “Do not water yourself down to be more digestible for others, they can choke!”

The Daily Dish: What’s the one thing you want to set the record straight about going into the new season?

Lesa: My kindness and loyalty should never be taken for granted; I will drop anything and anyone like a bad habit!

Lesa Milan claps back at online rumors

The Daily Dish: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever read about yourself online? And, was it true?

Lesa: That I was previously engaged to a few pro athletes – no!

–with reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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