LL Cool J Reveals He Didn’t Like Andre 3000’s Flute Album

LL Cool J & Andre 3000

LL Cool J & Andre 3000 – Source: Getty Images/ Taylor Hill/ Emma McIntyre

The most recent episode of Lebron James’ hit barbershop-style show The Shop has caused a stir as hip-hop legend LL Cool J didn’t bite his tongue when discussing Andre 3000’s New Blue Sun album.

According to Complex, not only does the legend not like the project featuring  3000 playing the flute, but he wants the rapper to “stop being given a pass” for releasing it.

“Look, look… The comments are gonna be crazy,” LL Cool J said on The Shop presented by GREY GOOSE Vodka. “He’s amazing, alright? His bars is all the way up. I’m very clear. Not the flute, B. Not the flute. Don’t do the flute.”

Another guest on the show, Lena Waithe, tried to take up for the album referring to it as “very calming” but LL stood his ground.

“Let’s not lie to ourselves, I don’t wanna hear him do the flute,” LL continued. “You wanna hear me do a violin? You might not wanna hear me do sh*t, but, do you wanna hear me do a violin, though?”

Waithe once again tried to defend Andre 3000’s artistry by saying he could “do whatever he would like,” but that still didn’t deter LL who said the Outkast rapper “needs to know the truth.”

“I want him to get with Big Boi, I want them to make an OutKast, or do a solo album,” LL Cool J said. “Every time he does f**king one verse it’s, you know, enough material for an album. He’s so gifted. So it’s like, come on, B, like, not the flute. We not gonna lie like this. Don’t gas. That man needs to know the truth. He needs to know the truth.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the debate was LL asking Lena Waithe to defend her stance on the album by naming a favorite track prompting laughter all around.

Andre 3000 has been vocal about not knowing what to rap about and even received support from Lil Wayne about that view.

Seeing our hip-hop stars grow old and do things out of the ordinary is a blessing. Not only that, but when LL Cool J embarked on his acting career we’re sure some fans would’ve preferred for him to drop an album, but it all worked out in the end.

Other highlights in the episode include Lena Waithe discussing The Chi, her approach to writing, and evolving as a creative…


and Trent Williams opening up about his cancer diagnosis, how that changed his approach to life, and the experience of making it to the Super Bowl.


You can watch the full episode of The Shop below.

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