‘Mutual And Difficult Decision’: RHOB Stars Dorit Kemsley, Paul Kemsley Announce Split After 9 Years Of Marriage

After about nine years of tying the knot., Dorit Kemsley and Paul PK Kemsley have announced their separation in a joint statement shared on their respective Instagram accounts. In March 2015, the couple got married and they share two children together: a daughter named Phoenix and a son named Jagger.

The news comes after they refuted rumors of spending time apart in a statement shared with PEOPLE in October 2023. "We remain committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family," the Kemsleys said at the time. "We have not separated, nor are we planning to do so. Rather, we are focused on healing, making changes, and doing the things that many couples have to do at some point in their marriage."





What went wrong between the duo? 

During the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley's statements during the reunion episode indicate that the main issue between her and PK was his excessive drinking. She mentioned that PK's drinking habits had worsened, leading to challenges in their relationship. Later, she also revealed that it was hard for her to have clear-headed conversations while he was heavily involved in drinking.

While Kemsley did not mention a particular breaking point in the relationship, PK's brief stay in a hotel could suggest that there were moments of tension or conflict where he felt the need to distance himself temporarily.

However, PK's drinking was a significant factor contributing to their struggles, and his decision to quit drinking was positive for their relationship. But eventually, they decided to preserve the harmony within their family by separating.


More details about the couple 

The pair got married on March 7 at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room in New York City. Since both PK and Dorit had a “penchant and fondness for the roaring 20’s,” that served as their nuptial theme, she explained via Instagram in 2021. Less than one year after tying the knot, Dorit became the newest housewife to appear on RHOBH, joining the show during its seventh season.

The couple was also very vocal about their affection for each other and would often post pictures of one another on their Instagram handles. 

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