Rachel Leviss Stands by Ariana Madix’s “Boundaries” with Tom Sandoval Despite Having An Affair With Tom

Raquel Leviss

Rachel Leviss Stands by Ariana Madix’s “Boundaries” with Tom Sandoval 

Rachel Leviss recently addressed the dynamics between Ariana Madix and her ex, Tom Sandoval, surrounding their relationship dynamics on the Vanderpump Rules finale.

Tom Sandoval

Rachel, who has been candid about her own experiences, offered insights into Ariana’s decision to refrain from filming a conversation with Tom, emphasizing the importance of boundaries in such situations.

During an episode of her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, Leviss delved into the significance of boundaries, noting that resistance to them often indicates underlying issues. She expressed understanding towards Madix’s choice to avoid the finale conversation, citing her own decision to step back from certain situations despite pressure to engage for the sake of the show.

Raquel Leviss

“It would have been crocodile tears,” Rachel remarked, acknowledging the insincerity of such interactions, particularly when motivated by the cameras rather than genuine emotions.

While some, like Lala Kent, expressed disappointment over Ariana’s actions, Leviss empathized with the desire to maintain authenticity amidst the pressures of reality TV production.

Rachel Leviss

She drew parallels to her own experiences on the show, where she found herself navigating between personal boundaries and the demands of creating compelling television.

Reflecting on past revelations, Rachel echoed Kent’s sentiments about Tom and Ariana’s relationship, suggesting that their portrayal may not have accurately reflected the reality of their situation.

Raquel Leviss

She admitted to her own struggles with honesty during past reunions, citing pressures from Sandoval to adhere to certain narratives for the sake of their image.

However, Leviss’s candid reflections haven’t come without consequences. In a recent Instagram post, she disclosed a significant loss of followers, prompting speculation about the impact of her castmates’ remarks at the reunion.

Raquel Leviss

Fans weighed in, with some attributing the decline to Rachel’s perceived dishonesty and association with other cast members labeled as “liars.”

One remarked, “Rachel, hunny, it’s not only the festival content.”

Rachel Leviss

Another critic said, “”I thought you went to a mental health facility?? Why are you still lying”

One VPR fan said, “Why do you still talk about Ariana and Tom and Scandoval? Stop talking about VPR because you’re not on show anymore!”

Tom Sandoval

One person commented, “Take Ariana’s name out the lawsuit. You’re not the victim.”

One critic commented, “You’re like Lala and Scheana. Liars and pick-mes.”


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