The Link Up: Em’s New Favorite Quilt, The Spray That’s Protecting Jess’s Hair From The Sun, And A Pleated Skort We LOVE

Happy Sunday everyone. You might have noticed that we didn’t have a new post on Wednesday. Our fearless leader, Emily, got a 24-hour stomach flu so we took a day off. But we hope you enjoyed her Garnet Hill bed refresh a little bit longer. But truly, how good is that quilt?! Em genuinely loves it and how it’s big enough for a king-size bed (most vintage ones she’s come across or bought aren’t). So now that we are all better, here are this week’s links:

This week’s house tour is none other than writer and sex educator Ericka Hart and 
her partner, Ebony Donnley’s home. In its rightful spot on the cover of Domino’s newest virtual issue, this minimal/maximalist, intentionally designed, jewel-toned beauty, did not come to be without some unacceptable obstacles. But the way they rewrote some of the history of their home while taking great care while renovating is nothing short of beautiful. Go see all of their beautiful spaces and read about their journey!

From Emily: Y’all our outdoor furniture came in under 10 days from ordering, in one truck and we upgraded to white-glove service (full assembly, boxes GONE) so I just want to give Article a big shout-out for incredible customer service AGAIN. Yes, they are a consistent partner of ours that I love, but I was just so impressed with the speed and service of the delivery (and of course the quality) and am so excited to show you the back porch that we are shooting next week. Anyway, it’s always refreshing when furniture companies have such smooth coordination, logistics, delivery, and service. And while this was for a partnership, the dudes on the truck don’t know that I work with the marketing department directly, and this has always been my experience with them. So shout out to Article’s speed and service (I don’t know any other medium to high-end furniture company that delivers so quickly with any bumps or confusion, FYI).

From Mallory: A small business to support coming your way!! I walked into a store the other day and just auto-pilot picked up the first candle I saw and gave it a whiff and immediately FREAKED OUT and bought 2. That candle my friends was Cliffwalk by Minot. This small company is woman-owned and is absolutely killing the candle game right now IMHO. Give it as a gift to a friend or yourself. If ya wanna smell something nice, do it!!

Don’t let Mother’s Day catch you by surprise! It’s in ONE WEEK everyone. If you need some gifting inspiration here is our 2024 gift guide that Jess and Caitlin put together via real mom requests! There are a ton of options that cover every budget (starting with $0) and will undoubtedly make your mom or mother figure feel special:)

From Jess: As someone who has watched one season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette since 2009 (?) I was not really aware of or particularly cared about Tyler Cameron. So the judgmental designer side of me was not about to watch his new design/reno show, Going Home with Tyler Cameron, just because he was hot and popular. But naturally, I was out of things to watch earlier this week and thought I’d see if I was right to have no interest. Well, joke’s on me because I loved it. I thought the storytelling was really wonderful, the production was well done, the cast’s chemistry was awesome, and because at my core I’m a total sap, I cried many times. The designs are very neutral coastal but it is set in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida so that makes sense for that area’s aesthetic. All in all, I highly recommend the show because it’s totally entertaining and full of heart but know that you should have some tissues ready. Ok, fine, it also didn’t hurt that he’s not terrible to look at but honestly, that was just a bonus:)

Also From Jess: I made sure to give you a non-hair product first! So as you might remember we are headed to Mexico in just about a week. My favorite country with some of my favorite people – I couldn’t be more excited and grateful. However, I couldn’t let all that sunshine and ocean/pool water mess with all of my hard haircare work which is why I purchased a bottle of Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil – a recommendation from my trusted/favorite TikTok hairdresser. A gal’s gotta protect her blonde and fight against unnecessary dryness:) Plus it smells awesome because it’s Aveda. There is one on Amazon for about half the price but with all of the fake dupe products on Amazon, I was too wary of that one. But of course do what you want!

From Caitlin: About to utter a phrase that hasn’t left my lips since the late 90s: SKORTS ROCK. Why did we let these fall out of fashion for so long? I grabbed this pleated version for under $30 (I think it’s technically for pickleball or sports) and honestly, it’s changed the way I look at all the other skirts in my closet. I like that it doesn’t look like a skort (no shorts visible in the back!), but mainly, I just feel so much more free and comfortable when I’m wearing it – I’m not worried about bending over, or the wind blowing it up, or creepy dudes catchin’ too much of a peek. It’s a great basic, especially for the price point! Let’s make this a skort summer, yeah?

From Arlyn: Welcome to my new obsession, also called “Arlyn, you’re very, very late to these:” Stasher bags! For years, I had a horrific disposable plastic bag habit. Then, I found some silicone bags from the early days that were fairly cheap but they were so floppy and had this annoying plastic bar that you had to slide on to close and weren’t very user-friendly. Those still sit in a cabinet somewhere. Then, I just started using my glass storage containers whenever I could but I found that I really needed the ease and freezer-friendly nature of a bag. I found a sale on Stasher brand bags last month (no longer runner, sadly) and decided to stock up on a few sets. Finally. And OMG I UNDERSTAND THE HYPE. I LOVE these things. They’re so easy to close, sturdy but flexible, don’t leak, easy to clean, and just all-around wonderful. I suggest a mix of flat Stasher bags for sandwiches, snacks, etc., and some bowl sets for basically everything you can think of!

From Gretchen: EHD is heading out on a team retreat (to Mexico!!!) very soon and OF COURSE, I had my eye on something new to wear. While on a recent Old Navy shopping trip with Em, I also found some killer pieces–namely a bright blue linen set. The shorts pull on and hit just right at the waist, and the long sleeve shirt drapes so well. Old Navy occasionally offers pieces in “tall” which is perfect for my 5’9″ frame. This bright cerulean is not my typical go-to color, but the minute it touched my pale skin and turned it (slightly) tan, it was a definite yes for me. It’s a great vacation color but I like it so much that I think it might just have to be the color I wear all summer.

That’s all from us today. Sending all of our love and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: My Bed Restyled: Chambray All Day (Including The Most Beautiful Fresh Irish Chain-Inspired Quilt)

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