The Valley Star Reveals He Had An Affair With Anna Nicole Smith!

The Valley star Jesse Lally just made a jaw-dropping confession about his dating history!

During an interview on the Popping Off podcast Tuesday, the former model revealed he once had an affair with… Anna Nicole Smith! WOW!

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When host Teddi Mellencamp asked if they “hooked up” after they met working on a commercial for the dietary supplement TrimSpa in 2002, we thought it was a reach. But we guess she knew something! Because he revealed they did — and were actually together off and on “for a year or two,” adding:

“I would come to LA and she’d be in New York every once in a while.”

Whoa! Their love affair began after the Playboy model became a brand ambassador for TrimSpa after losing some weight. According to Jesse, he was hired to shoot the commercial with Anna Nicole for the brand in Miami. He recalled of the first time they met:

“It was a pretty big campaign. I literally walked over with no shirt on, sat down. She’s like, ‘Oh hi, I’m Anna Nicole.’ And I’m like, ‘Nice to meet you.’ And then we moved out to the beach and I grabbed her and I pulled her down into the water. We were shooting with Antoine Verglas, famous fashion photographer, and everybody was so pissed because her hair was wet, eyelashes – all that stuff, and it ended up being what they ended up using.’”

See the commercial (below):

So steamy! Damn!

And they didn’t just have on-camera chemistry! They had it off, too! After the shoot, the Bravo personality said Anna was worried about getting sick from being wet in the cold. What does Lally do? He offered to give her one of his many “supplements and vitamins” back in his hotel room. Jeez. What kind of corny pickup line is that?! Teddi even scoffed, saying:

“Is that line your go to, “You know what, I have a ton of supplements?’”

Apparently, his line didn’t give Anna the ick though! The actress called him later that night:

“I wish I was still taking them because at this point I’m just aging rapidly and going gray as quick as possible. But yeah, she called me about having a bottle of wine in the room and I was like, ‘Yeah, I can come up to the room.’ And it was funny. We did a couple’s massage and before the two massage therapists showed up, she was like, ‘Let’s kind of [mess] with them a little bit.’”

Jesse continued:

“So we were like going back and forth, making jokes, talking like you know, trying to see if something would come out [in the gossip mags]. And this is way before social media, and it was just fun. We just had that like relationship. We were just kind of like two little kids messing with each other.”

Wow! What really touched Jesse the most during their time together? The following morning, he said Anna signed one of their behind-the-scenes pictures for his brother for when returned from his first tour in Iraq:

“It was so sweet.”

The real estate agent confirmed he also met her attorney, Howard K. Stern, during this time. Of course, she and the lawyer exchanged vows in a non-legally binding commitment ceremony in 2006. She also dated Larry Birkhead on and off between 2004 and 2007. But apparently, we now need to add Jesse to the list of her past romances since they were hooking up whenever they saw each other in New York or LA! Crazy! Ch-ch-check out some of Jesse and Anna’s photos (below):

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[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Emily Grant / WENN]

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