What Is Rosie From Real Housewives of New Jersey Doing Now?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has always had some mainstay women, and this even includes the sidekicks. When Kathy Wakile was a full-time cast member, her sister, Rosie Pierri, always appeared; even on reunions. Fans loved her loud personality because she was never afraid to stick up for what was right. So when her cousin, Teresa Giudice, shunned her, viewers felt the hurt. Rosie was always tough and wasn’t afraid to say what was on her mind.

While that personality trait may have sometimes caused her more trouble, she never backed down. Rosie starred on the show from Season 3 to Season 7, and fans always hoped that the Gorga/Giudice/Wakile feud would work itself out. Sadly, that never happened, but it seems Rosie is still thriving. 

Who is Rosie?

Like Kathy, Rosie was born and raised in Totowa, New Jersey. While on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rosie was known for her big heart, but she also had a creative side.

She found her passion for design and engineering by manufacturing store displays for the retail industry. Rosie has worked as a designer for the last 30 years. As her time on the Bravo series ended, she knew she wanted to focus on forming positive relationships in her life.

In a recent post, Rosie noted that she would “create until I die.” 

Personal life

Rosie is an extremely private person, so it is hard to tell if she has found her soulmate. If she is dating, she is keeping that news close to her chest. But Rosie seems to be out and about, enjoying life.

She has posted photos of herself down the shore enjoying summer BBQs and hanging with her brothers. Rosie also frequents the Iron Whale in Asbury Park, New Jersey. So, if you want to go Rosie-spotting, that might be a good place to start! Just don’t be weird about it if you do bump into her. She might go for your tongue…

Rosie’s hobbies

Rosie has posted about a lot of her delicious meals, and it seems she has developed a passion for cooking. Between homemade pizza and pasta the former Bravo star is rolling up her sleeves and serving up some RHOBH-weed-chef-tastiest-looking-treats-real-housewives-beverly-hills/”>delicious meals.

According to her Instagram, Rosie loves hanging out at the beach and taking long walks. She is all about exploring and combing the beach for fun finds. Whether it’s a sunrise or a sunset, Rosie also takes time to enjoy “God’s beauty” no matter what she is doing. 

Rosie’s glow-up

When Rosie was on the show, she dressed down. It was hard to live up to the fashion being served by the Real Housewives. But she shocked her followers when she posted a photo of her sporting salt and pepper hair.

The creative mind captioned her photo by writing, “Feeling refreshed. Sunshine is the best medicine; I love this time of year.” It was noticeable to viewers that Rosie had been working on herself as she looked happier and healthier.

Her sister, Kathy, was one of the first to comment, writing, “Looking great, sis.” 

Family ties

Rosie is still very close with her sister. But sadly, she isn’t in contact with her cousins, Teresa and Joe Gorga. No Bravo franchise had more family drama than the Real Housewives of New Jersey. So, it isn’t a surprise that the feud is still long-standing.

Joe recently shared some thoughts on his cousin to The Daily Dish. The father of three revealed, “Rosie, I do miss. I miss Rosie. She was my cousin from growing up, she was always there for me. So I do miss her.” Kathy and Envy owner Melissa Gorga, who were once close, no longer speak. I would assume that Rosie, being ever loyal, also doesn’t talk with her cousins out of respect for her sister. 

But Rosie clearly makes time for the rest of her family. She has posted about hanging out with her nephews, Joseph Wakile and Derek Pierri, as well as her mother. Even though it’s a pipe dream, it would be nice for Rosie and Kathy to come back to RHONJ at some point. Personally, I miss her combative attitude and fun demeanor. 

You can catch Rosie in old seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, streaming on Peacock.


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